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We need your innovative solutions!

MOTAR, or Maintenance Operations and Training Augmented Reality is a new idea that could revolutionize aircraft maintenance using augmented reality to reduce human error and increase training speed.

We are looking to collaborate with solution partners to develop and refine prototype solutions. The ultimate goal of this process will be to award contracts to deploy the new AR/VR Maintenance, Operations, and Training AR/VR solutions that will be used by all airmen.

What existing solutions, evolving solutions, or solution creation capabilities do you have utilizing augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), or mixed reality (MR) to improve US Air Force aircrew maintenance, operations, and training?

See Powell’s 2018 Spark Tank pitch to better understand the vision for this project:

What’s in it for you?

  • A chance to secure funding for prototype and experimentation

  • A Chance to secure a government contract

  • A chance to promote your work with the USAF as a collaborator and/or customer

  • Official recognition for your company or idea

  • You will be helping the USAF and improving the lives of the people that keep us safe

Who are we looking for with this challenge?

  • Individual programmers, software developers, academics, researchers, hobbyists, students, and engineers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Startups

  • Small businesses

  • Large corporate enterprises

  • DoD contractors

  • 2 and 4-year academic institutions and technical or research programs, colleges, universities, technical schools

  • Research and R&D labs

  • 3D designers

  • Game developers

  • Platform developers

  • Training experts

  • Human factors specialists

  • Aerospace Contractors


Who makes or has expertise in:

  • AR/VR content and application development

  • AR/VR production process and management

  • AR/VR hardware

  • Software platform development

  • Mesh networking

  • Training design

  • Human factors

When presenting a solution, what are some of the component parts that are being looked for?

  • AR/VR Hardware

  • Concepts & Ideas

  • Prototypes

  • Plugins/Components

  • Methods & Practices

  • Experienced Professionals

  • IT Security Tools & Talent

  • Content Development Specialists

  • Software Developers

What are some of the specific problem areas that a solution must address?

  • No central platform for AR/VR Content Delivery

  • Limited in-house creation expertise & capabilities

  • Not capitalizing on evolving technology

  • Not evolving training methodologies

What else might a solution solve for?

  • Robust, secure platform for distribution and delivery of AR/VR products

  • Production workflow functions

  • Interface with maintenance data collection systems

  • Interface with training management systems

  • Standardized user interface for all content

  • System/hardware agnostic delivery

What are the other factors to consider?

Who will be using it?

  • Maintenance crews

What will airmen say about it?

  • “It really speeds up training of new airmen and teaches them in a way that really speaks to them,”, Dewey, FTD instructor (20 years experience)

  • “I love being able to see my tech data right in front of me and having my hands free to actually work”, Bobby, crew chief (10 years experience)

  • “I really prefer this over the heavy laptops we used to use”, Kenny, AFIN technician (18 years experience)

How long is the challenge, what is the challenge process, and what’s next?

  • Posting a Solution: Solutions can be submitted between the start and end dates published below. Late solutions will not be allowed and only solutions submitted on the challenge submission site are eligible for USAF funding via this process. Submissions are visible or “open” to any registered user of the submission platform. No intellectual property (IP), confidential, or proprietary information is made public unless posted in a public field on the submission form by the solution submitter. However, submissions posted via a desktop browser may attach files/documents which will only be visible to USAF reviewers.

    • Solutions Phase Start: 10/3/2018 @ 12:00 PM CDT

    • Solutions Phase End: 11/30/2018 @ 11:59 PM CST

  • Gathering Support: The submission platform uses “likes” (a social media thumbs up icon) to indicate support for a submission. Any registered user on the platform may “like” a submission. Submissions must reach ten (10) likes to qualify for USAF evaluation and to proceed in the process.

  • Community Voting: Immediately after the solutions phase has ended. A community voting phase will begin. Each registered user on the platform will be given 30 “Pairwise” votes. A pairwise vote is where two (2) randomly selected solutions are presented and the participant picks or “votes” for one of the solutions.

    • Community Voting Phase Start: 11/30/2018 @ 11:59PM CST

    • Community Voting Phase End: 12/14/2018 @ 11:59PM CST

  • USAF Review, Selection, and Invitation: During this phase, USAF experts will review solution proposals. The top solutions meeting the needs and requirements of the selection team will be invited to participate in a design and prototype phase beginning in early 2019.

    • Selection Phase Start: 12/1/2018

    • Selection Phase End: 12/31/2018

Some government contracting terms and conditions

  • Announcement of AFWERX events that are considered to have high potential for further efforts that may be accomplished via FAR-based contracting instruments, Other Transaction Authority (OTA) for Prototype Projects 10 USC 2371b, Prizes for advanced technology achievements 10 USC 2374a, and/or Prize Competitions 15 USC 3719, may be made at the  and/or

  • All announcements made at the and/or website(s) are considered to satisfy the reasonable effort to obtain competition in accordance with 10 USC 2374a (b), 15 USC 3719 (e) and 10 USC 2371b (b)(2).  

  • All FAR based actions will follow announcement procedures per FAR 5.201(b) accordingly.