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A Visual Look at the AFWERX Vegas Fixed Wing Helmet Challenge

Recently, AFWERX asked for innovators to submit components, materials, or technologies that could specifically improve the USAF Fixed Wing Helmet used by its pilots and aircrew. For context, the legacy helmet was created in the 1970’s and updated throughout the years. It has served the USAF well, but it’s time for something new.

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Meet the 30+ Innovations That Could Improve The USAF Helmet

On November 14th, the 30+ solutions it chose from the 100+ submitted will be featured as part of AFWERX’s grand exhibition at Enclave Las Vegas that is completely open to the public — and which you can RSVP to here. Taking on all aspects of USAF Helmet, these finalists have proposed ideas that run the gamut of awe-inspiring innovation.

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